Representation outsourcing

Comprehensive solution for organizing and maintaining your company office

Entrust the Workins outsourcing!


We organize the office rent and maintenance, provide the necessary equipment in Poland or Ukraine.


We will pick up the personnel and will be engaged in personnel questions and salaries payment.


We conduct a document flow, accounts opening and closing. Communication with government agencies.


Maintaining contracts, performance monitoring, quality assessment.

Let's discuss your future representation:

The Workins outsourcing representation advantages


  • Do not waste time and resources on a legal entity opening in the host country
  • Do not pay staff related taxes
  • Focus only on business processes, without routine
  • Simplified procedure for conversion to a full-fledged branch in the future
  • Fast closure without legal delays


  • The long legal entity registration procedure related to financial investments
  • Problems associated with the personnel selection and work registration
  • A lot of time will be taken by indirect work organization processes, which will negatively affect your business productivity.
  • There are no guarantees that the market will meet expectations and the branch will show a steady income.
  • A legal entity liquidation is always a difficult process with a lot of pitfallsй

That is why, the representative office outsourcing is the best option, allowing you to test your business in a new environment without large financial investments. We will take all non-target processes on ourselves, and you will be able to concentrate on the main tasks.

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