Plumbers and installers

Plumbers and installers
We are looking for installers to renovate rooms on board of a hotel ship. These are installations for drinking or waste water, central heating and sanitary facilities.
You would work independently in a team of two or three installers and you would need to know how to read sematic drawings. Ideally, you are familiar with Hemco systems (or similar system).
In the first instance, the work is for a few months, but if you could prove yourself by doing a good job, we would also be happy to offer you a longer contract
• Disassembly and removal of old installation, furniture and equipment
• Renovation of rooms
• Connection of cold, hot and waste water to main pipes (Henco and PVC)
• Installation of sanitary facilities
• You have high school education and work experience in similar position
• Flexibility
• Responsibility
• Ability to work independently as well as in a team
• English or German at B2 level
• VCA / SCC (Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)) (possibility to follow the course in English)
• Driving license B
• 40 working hours per week
• Monthly salary from € 2600 gross (€ 2115 net)
• + 8% of annual gross salary as annual allowance
• Collective Agreement (CAO Kleinmetaal)
• 25 free days a year
• Transportation from home to work. If you use your car you’ll get € 0.19 per km

• Housing facilities - arranged by the employer and paid by the employee
o The costs of housing depend on the location of the job. The average housing costs
are between € 80,- and € 125,- per week
• Health Insurance - arranged by the employer and paid by the employee
o Everyone in the Netherlands has health insurance. This can be taken out collectively via the employer or independently by the employee. The average costs for health insurance are € 25,- per week
• Location – Nijmegen (The Netherlands)

Town: Nijmegen

Salary: 2600 euro

Accommodation: provided
         Cost 80

Contact information:

+48736087512 Viber Telegram WhatsApp