Workers from Asia

Workers from Asia

Workins will pick up on time and exactly who you need

in 1 month

Concluded a cooperation agreement for the last quarter

From 5 people to infinity

We will select as many employees as you need

Term of work from 6 months.

We even work on requests for short-term and seasonal contracts from six months

We form or complement the staff

We choose the staff for any task or strengthen the existing one with qualified personnel.

Why is it profitable to hire staff in Asia?

High discipline and personal culture

Asian experts are well educated, both higher, and specialized secondary while having the high motivation to earn

Fast issuance of work permits

Due to well-developed legislation and permanent hiring practices, it takes only a few days to get all the permits

Employees have work experience in the EU

Most of the people we hire already have several years of work experience, so there is no loss of time in the adaptation process at the place of work.

No language barrier.

In addition to language affinity, 90% of Asians speak the language of the country of employment.

Employees come to make money

The specialists' salary is much higher than in Asia. Both at the expense of rates and exchange rates. Specialists stick to such jobs

Continuation of work experience in Asia

Our employees will receive a Asian pension for their work in EU, this is an additional motivation for the faithful performance of their duties

How it works

Effective hiring starts with effective tools. Hand-selected and individualized Workins support means you'll spend less time and effort hiring the best. .

In addition, our agency will not only recruit foreign workers for you. We'll also handle all the formalities for you so that you can legally provide employment to foreigners

100% legal employment of workers

Workins assumes all risks and responsibilities for the employment and legalization of foreigners


Needs identification

Conducting SWOT-analysis

Creating project strategy

of staff


Personnel management

Time management



Entrust Workins with your recruitment needs


No budget
overruns or risks

Our pricing is built to stay affordable for you even when you hire expensive specialists.


Reducing losses
from employee turnover

We use a comprehensive analysis of factors related to employee termination and implement control processes on an ongoing basis


Development of motivation
and payment systems

Let us take care of all matters of personnel development and motivation. We will develop effective systems of involvement to increase productivity


Control all
processes in one place

Provide our customers with a user account in the online Workins system, allowing flexible control over personnel efficiency

Our Guarantee

Our goal is to increase profits, both for the company and the employees through the systematic operation of the relevant processes, reducing losses due to downtime, and lack of suitable employees..

We interview each specialist before offering them. Screening out those who are not worthy of your time.

Each specialist recruitment is accompanied by an employee of our agency. Guaranteeing that your questions and problems will be promptly resolved

24/7 Support
Strict reporting
Effective communication
Accountability for results

Workers from Asia

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