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Own base, more than 20 external SMM resources and target

The best

We have a detailed interview and applicants' certification. We collect reviews


If you don’t like your employee work quality – we can replace this specialist


Rare professions employees, specialists with unique skills

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your needs

We get acquainted with your company peculiarities, its values and principles.

We form the candidates profiles based on your preferences and wishes.

We determine the candidates selection timing and methods


for candidates

We formulate a selection strategy - we define search criteria, select the most appropriate sources.

We search - we publish requests for vacancies, we launch advertising and target companies, connecting networking and social networks.

We collect a candidates primary pool, determine the interview time and methods.

We select

the best employees

Initial interview (phone, skype) lasting 20-30 minutes.

Questioning, profile and psychological testing of candidates who passed the initial interview

We select and interview the best candidates. We form a final specialists pool and give you their data

Unique search and selection methods

Author's methods

We have developed unique methods for applicants testing and questioning. This allows you to select suitable candidates at an early stage with high accuracy.


All our recruiters have at least 5 years experience in recruiting. We cope with any surprises.

Looking for a conscience

We use not only the popular work-portals, but really dig deep. Networking, social networks, targeted advertising. We have our own verified candidates base.

Responsibility for the result

We appreciate our work and never do something "sloppy." We guarantee the result and work conscientiously. All results are always available in the online HRM system.

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