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Welder mig-mag, tig

Welder - work at an international enterprise.
German-American Enterprise
ZP - from 15 zl / hour depending on qualification.
If there is an international certificate - RFP from 18 zl / hour
Legal employment. High level of working conditions.
Experience as a welder - from 3 years
Requirements for specialists:
Reading technical drawing, black metal, 5-8 mm
Accommodation - provided (private house, good conditions with amenities)
Kitchen, shower, toilet, hot water - all the conditions for a comfortable life
To work to walk - on foot 25 minutes or by bicycle.
Closed on Sunday
Working day 10-12 hours.
Work at the enterprise of high technological level.
There is an opportunity for further training and education in this industry.
The Polish certificate of the welder is issued
Permanent work for a long period.
Work visa - at least 4 months. Work on the biometric passport is possible.
Legal working conditions.

+38 0947101193viber

Town: Wrzesnia

Salary: от 18 - 25 zł/час

Accommodation: provided
         Cost 450 zł

Contact information:

+48736087512 Viber Telegram WhatsApp